Most of the people are affected with little or no hairs due to several factors. Hair Transplant is the only permanent solution that eliminates the baldness and prevents future hair loss. This is a type of cosmetic surgery conducted at our clinic in Bangalore which has different types of procedures and techniques to regain the lost hairs. Baldness has become a major concern for people in recent times. Hence, people are switching to Hair Transplant. Over a decade ago, people use to face baldness problems in their 40’s, but today baldness not only affects people in their 40’s and 50’s, but many young people both men and women in their early 20’s and 30’s are facing these issues. As a result, Hair Transplant is becoming more popular, which provides an everlasting remedy for baldness treatment.

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who is the founder member and Director of the New You Cosmetic Clinic, one can achieve successful results.He has vast experience in surgical field especially in Rhinoplasty Surgery, Hair Transplants and Facial Aesthetic Surgery. Book Appoinment
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Our Main Goal and primary goal is to Look you after well right from your Consultation to Post Cosmetic Surgery Care, we understand why you have come to Us and we promise you to provide you the best Cosmetic and Plastic surgery Results, You don’t have to think or worry about patient care and Treatment.
As per our survey and stats we get maximum no of cosmetic surgery seekers are from UK, USA, South Africa, UAE, Maldives, Singapore, Malayasia, Australia, Canada and Dubai. 95% of our cosmetic and plastic surgery patients are refered by our earlier patients who underwent plastic and cosmetic surgery at our cosmetic clinic in bangalore, india.


Many People have visited our clinic in Bangalore to get a long-term resolution to completely eliminate baldness. Most of these people when they visit us say they have tried various different kinds of treatments to cure the baldness. Some people do come with artificial hair pieces such as wigs, bonding and weaving and mentioned that they would not like to use these kind of temporary treatments any more and wanted to get a permanent natural fix to their baldness.

People also mentioned that they have chosen artificial treatments like PRP, Stem Cells, Shampoos, Oils and different types of herbals, as they were under the impression that these treatments can help them regrow their hairs and also felt hair transplant in Bangalore is expensive and not affordable by all. There are many advertisements regarding regrowth and multiplication of hairs every day. One should note that once the hair follicle below your scalp is dead, none of these treatments help to regrow your hairs.


This is the best and permanent available solution to cure baldness by using the latest techniques to get back your natural and beautiful looking hairs. Hence, most of the people in Bangalore and other parts of the world are finding this type of solution useful to recover the lost hairs by undertaking this type of treatment. The surgical process provided by our clinic in Bangalore use advanced techniques and procedures which procures positive results to eliminate baldness.


Once the follicle is dead / destroyed below your skin, regrowth of hair is possible only by Implanting / Transplanting new follicle into the bald or patchy area. Due to increasing awareness and cost effective, many people are choosing hair transplant as a trusted, natural and permanent solution to re grow their lost hairs to eradicate baldness permanently. Hair Transplant in Bangalore at our clinic has reputed and expertise surgeons, who are keen to provide the best treatment by 

The cost of mustache transplant is between 40000 to 50000 rupees equalent to 800 USD.
The cost of beard transplant in India is around 1000 to 1200 USD.
Few of us like to even think about having a heart attack or being with someone when they have one.
Rehabilitation services for conditions ranging from stroke and brain injury to neurological disorders.

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