This is a type of cosmetic surgery performed by facial and cosmetic surgeon to remove the
wrinkles from the region of face, cheek, chin, neck and tightening the underlying skin.
Rhytidectomy is a medical name given for Facelift surgery and is conducted at our clinic in
Bangalore. Facelift surgery changes the appearance of the face and gives a youthful
It is a step-by-step procedure by giving local anesthesia to the patient for face lifting. The
facelift surgery entails by making incisions in front of the Ear or sometimes behind the Ear.
Lifting of Eyebrows and the cheeks are done to yield desirable results. Methods of facelift
surgery involve underlying muscles are tightened, excess fat is removed and the extra skin
is trimmed and tightened. In some cases, face-lifting is done by using suture/threads by
experienced cosmetic surgeons.
After Facelift Surgery, one could hardly notice any scars or marks on the face. However, as
a person ages, his/her skin looses the elasticity and the skin tends to sag, creating
wrinkles/folds/lines on the face, which makes a person look older. Hence, Cosmetic
Facelift technique is performed at our clinic in Bangalore, India under the guidance of
experienced Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Kishore Babu Pentyala. With his expertise skills and
talent, he has removed wrinkles, folds and lines on the face of the patients to endorse
charming and youthful looks.
Individuals who are looking to undergo facelift surgery for aesthetic appearance are :

  1. Sagging Face
  2. Loose Skin
  3. Individuals between the age group of 40-65 years
  4. People desiring for Realistic Needs
  5. Age group under 40 years with sagging.
    Facial and neck sag occurs due to smoking, ageing, stress, gravitational factors and rapid
    weight loss. With facelift surgery helps to reduce facial and neck sagging of the skin.

Facelift Surgery Results performed by a reputed cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kishore Babu
Pentyala at his Clinic would last for 8 to 12 years. One can expect bright, young and fresh
look with surgical facelift surgery. However, facelift results would extend depending upon
the maintenance of individual’s general health. Facelift surgery is either performed alone
or with the combination of Blepharoplasty (Cosmetic Eye Lid Surgery) to give a pleasing
facial appearance.
Our clinic in Bangalore takes pride in performing the various facelift surgeries. With over a
decade year of experience, our cosmetic surgeons with their exceptional skill set have
performed thousands of Facelift Surgeries in Bangalore under the guidance of Dr. Kishore

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