These days men are fond of their hair and make different fashions like pony tails, short hairs, long hairs, curly hairs, straight hairs and spiky hairs.


Hair oils can act as a lubricant to the scalp and there is no direct evidence of hair growth by use of hair oils. When you apply hair oil to the scalp it may, help in increased blood circulation to the scalp when massaging is done.


Here are some of the Good Hair Care Tips for Men to keep their hairs healthy and strong.

Shampoos :
For washing of your hair any shampoo is good, but always prefer a shampoo with neutral PH shampoos doesn’t have any added advantage to maintain your hair. All you can do is use any shampoo which you are comfortable with. If you have a dandruff problem you may use antidandruff shampoo which has salicylates, selenium, zinc, ketoconazale.

This shampoo effectively clears away the dandruff flakes from your scalp. It would be of great benefit to use these shampoos 4 to 5 times a month. People are even fond of using conditioners for hair; conditioners can be used by people with curly and long hairs along with shampoo. Men with thinning hair are prone to develop bald spots on their scalp; these bald patches would be exposed to ultraviolet rays. If you want to use a styling gel prefer to use non alcohol based hair gel. Also regular use of styling gel is not advised.