Summer heats are not good for the hairs. During summer there is body dehydration as a result of sun exposure. Lots of after is lost from your body by the means of sweating, urination etc. during summer the scalp sweats heavily and there is loss of potassium, calcium and minerals from the scalp. One can also experience sun spots, Acne, sever scalp itching, irritation. As a result of which hair loss occurs.

In summer following certain hair care tips helps in preventing hair loss. Men can use cap/hats to prevent from sunlight and women can use umbrella or scarf’s while going out. It is also advisable to do hair oil massage in the night followed by shampooing and conditioner on the morning helps to maintain healthy hair. One can also use home hair care remedies to prevent seasonal hair loss. Also use any hair dryers to dry your hair and also hair straightening & excessive hair coloring should also be avoided.