Today, most of the people are affected with the baldness due to various reasons and it causes major frustration and agonizing factor. However, with the best hair loss treatment, people will get natural and beautiful looking hairs.

The Hair loss treatment is a good solution for hair fall which are caused by Testosterone (DHT) can be treated by drugs such as Finasteride, Dulasteride and Minoxdil 5% in males and Minoxdil 2% in females. There is no proper treatment available to cure Alopecia Areate till date. In patient who has received chemotherapy, hair growth can be expected few months after completing chemotherapy treatment, but in some cases regrowth may take longer and in some individuals regrowth may not be possible based on the anti-cancer drugs they have taken.

In individuals with diabetic hair loss can be treated with antidiabetic drugs, exercise and diet. Iron supplements are prescribed for people suffering with iron deficiency hair loss. Many diabetic patients are also undergoing natural hair loss treatment seeking for a permanent solution.

Thyroid related hair loss treatment is treated by regular monitoring of thyroid levels and keeping thyroid level in control. Hair loss treatment can also help in stress management, vitamins and minerals supplements and anti-stress medications. Telogen effluvium can be treated with Iron, zinc, Magnesium, calcium supplements and controlling thyroid levels.

People usually experience dandruff which is mainly due to fungus that is present on the scalp. This fungus is usually inactive but when the fungus become active which may be due to hormones and scalp PH dandruff occurs. This can be treated with antifungal shampoo Neutral Ph shampoo, Vitamins and maintaining scalp hygiene. Many individuals experience hair thinning problems which is mainly due to testosterone, Thyroid and Iron deficiencies. This can be treated with Iron, Minoxdil and stress control.

Hair splitting is also one of the problem which many people face. This could be due to loss of keratin in the hair. It can be stopped by preventing the use of the hair colors, hair straightening, hot blow drying of hair and taking vitamins and amino acids. Many young individuals during their puberty experience hair loss. During puberty there is excess secretion of testosterone in males and in females there is excess secretion of progestron and estrogen.

Males usually experience more hair fall during puberty due to testosterone. Whereas females do not have much hair loss in their puberty compare to males. This is due to the anti testosterone effect of progesterone and estrogen. Reducing smoking and intake of excess alcohol may also help in preventing hair loss.


The above treatments would only help in delaying baldness, but none of these treatments helps in regrowing your lost hairs if the follicles beneath your scalp have been dead. This is because none of these treatments can activate the dead follicle to regrow your new hairs. For the best Hair Loss Treatment, a good and natural solution by which dead follicles are replaced by new healthy follicles that helps in regrowth of the lost hairs.

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